Monday, October 31, 2005

speaking practice

A great way to improve your pronunciation and your speaking in general is to copy what actors say. Here is a sample of what you can do.

1 Go to

2 Go to the Remember The Titans page.
3 Download the mp3 file. Its not very big, about 1.6 mb
so it shouldn't take more than ten minutes, even on
a slow connection.
4 Listen to the part of the film and read the dialogue at
the same time.
5 Now record yourself giving the speech. If you have a
microphone on the computer use the ηχογραφηση
programme that come with Windows.

The important thing is to practice this so that you no longer are worrying about the pronunciation of individual words and focus on the flow of the language and how the actor is using his or her voice. Now listen to yourself. Do you sound like a real person or just a robot mindlessly mouthing words without any emotion ?

Check out more extracts.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Free music anyone ?

I was thinking that we should set up a class music library. If everyone records a cdr with their 10 favourite albums in mp3 format we could then swop and everyone could get the chance to build up a killer music collection without spending loads of money.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Have a great break

But before you go, remember your assignment;

How have forms of entertainment changed since the time your parents were young ?

Use pictures (if possible) to illustrate your point.

My biography!

My name is Irini Karapistoli. I was born in Thessaloniki in 1982. I’ve received my degree of Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Democritus University of Thrace in 2005 with honours. During my studies, I’ve received three scholarships from the State Scholarship Foundation of Greece. I’m currently an associate researcher at the Informatics and Telematics Institute in Thessaloniki and I’m studying towards my PhD at the corresponding Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. My current research interests lie in the area of wireless sensor networks. I’m a student member of the IEEE society and also an incoming member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

my glorious life in a few words

I graduated from Eaton at 1990. I studied nano-science and biomedical engineering at M.I.T and received my degree with honors at 1992.I studied mases' psychology at Paris University and I received my degree at 1994.I was in the cover of Times magazine (September of 1995).I fought for the rescue of a specie of gazon that was in a great danger. I stayed 4 years in Nepal in order to find the cause of the existence. At 1999 I made my first and last movie (in London).For this movie I received two Oscars (for directing and producing the film) and the Berlin's Festival Gold Bear at 2000. For the inventions that I made as a student of biomedical engineering I received the Nobel price at 2001. I accepted to be the secretary of the united Nations for the years 2003-2005.At 2006 I won at the Rolang Garos final. Nowadays I am writing my first novel that I believe that will gives me my second Nobel prise.
I have written more than than 100 articles in magazines like Scientific American, Science, Newsweek, National Geographic, Times, Le Point.

My bio

My earth name is Alexander Chassapis Gianakopoulos and my home-planet name can be expressed at the earth languages as Zvxwaegr Aztk, I was genetically transformed at my present form in Betelgeuse 5 during the L6E period (approximately 453 A.D.). I have been accepted with honours at the University of Alpheratz System (Alpha Andromedae HD 358 ). I got my degree on the subject of inter-stellar diplomacy and communication with new spieces. I worked as a lieutenant commander of a mission to the systems of the HID 39821 sector during which I was honoured for my services towards the A7 inter-stellar alliance and the Betelgeuse High Council. I have received meta-genetic treatment for trans-galactic transportation through hyper-dimensional links of sub-quantum type and since then I provide galactic services as an ambassador to planet earth.


My name is Danae Athanassia Softa , I am 19,5 years old and I study Architecture in Aristotelio Univercity.I can speak english well as I have the first certificate from Cambridge and I am preparing for the Proficiency exams.I can also speak satisfaing french as I have the Delf from 1 to 6.At my spear time I like to read books , dance and travell.


I 'm Nick cholopoulos,I'm 23 and I study nutrition in Thessaloniki.I'm in my third year of my studies and I'm looking forward to getting my degree with honours.I succeded in passing the exams for the FCE and I intend to expand my studies in English by getting the CAE.Besides from that, I plan to go abroad in order to continue my studies in nutrition,for my Master of Science,focusing on the nutritional habits of the children all around Europe.

Monday, October 24, 2005


This week we've got no lessons from the 26th to the 28th October!!!!!

My biography

My name is Eleni B. and I am 26 years old. In 2003, I graduated from the Department of Forestry and Natural Environment of the Aristotle University and at present I am a postgraduate student in the same department. At the same time, I work as an assistant in a European research program. I speak English and I have taken the ECDL Core Certificate.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

A few words about me

My name is Ariadne Kalokiri, I am 19,5 years old and I have been studying architecture since October 2004 in Thessaloniki. I have also a brother who is 17. Actually, my permanent residence is in Athens, where my rest family lives. In my free time, I usually go to the cinema and theatre, by the way, one of my dreams is to act a part in a play, in order to overcome my stage fright. I also love reading books, especially poetry and novels.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


My name is Joanna Gapkiadi. I was born in Lamia and I live in a small town near Lamia, called Makrakomi. I am 20 years old and I study Biology. I am in the 3rd year in the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki. I am attending courses and seminars in genetic and biotechnology. My dream is to find further information about human genome, in order to help scientific team to find cure for more diseases, especially for cancer and epilepsy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Our first post


I hope everyone in Prof 1e takes the opportunity to use this blog to improve their English. Your first assignment is to write a professional biography in just one paragraph that gives people a sense of the talents and skills that you possess.

Welcome to the world of blogging

Here's a warm welcome to Prof 1e.