Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My bio

My earth name is Alexander Chassapis Gianakopoulos and my home-planet name can be expressed at the earth languages as Zvxwaegr Aztk, I was genetically transformed at my present form in Betelgeuse 5 during the L6E period (approximately 453 A.D.). I have been accepted with honours at the University of Alpheratz System (Alpha Andromedae HD 358 ). I got my degree on the subject of inter-stellar diplomacy and communication with new spieces. I worked as a lieutenant commander of a mission to the systems of the HID 39821 sector during which I was honoured for my services towards the A7 inter-stellar alliance and the Betelgeuse High Council. I have received meta-genetic treatment for trans-galactic transportation through hyper-dimensional links of sub-quantum type and since then I provide galactic services as an ambassador to planet earth.


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Well, What can I say ? Except, xrfsgs dsj gsofgo zs skaada. I think that just about sums up my feelings on haing you here in our class.


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