Tuesday, October 25, 2005

my glorious life in a few words

I graduated from Eaton at 1990. I studied nano-science and biomedical engineering at M.I.T and received my degree with honors at 1992.I studied mases' psychology at Paris University and I received my degree at 1994.I was in the cover of Times magazine (September of 1995).I fought for the rescue of a specie of gazon that was in a great danger. I stayed 4 years in Nepal in order to find the cause of the existence. At 1999 I made my first and last movie (in London).For this movie I received two Oscars (for directing and producing the film) and the Berlin's Festival Gold Bear at 2000. For the inventions that I made as a student of biomedical engineering I received the Nobel price at 2001. I accepted to be the secretary of the united Nations for the years 2003-2005.At 2006 I won at the Rolang Garos final. Nowadays I am writing my first novel that I believe that will gives me my second Nobel prise.
I have written more than than 100 articles in magazines like Scientific American, Science, Newsweek, National Geographic, Times, Le Point.


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