Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Forms of entertainment...

Forms of entertainment nowadays, obtained a new and more modern image since our parents’ adulthood. The presence of facilities we now enjoy, and the rapid technological evolution has lead to various new entertainment forms, and the replacement of others. Years ago facilities such as contemporary courts, multi-cinemas that give you the opportunity to choose among 9 or more different movies, and even home cinemas for private screening of extremely high sound and video definition, were inexistent. By now they have succeeded the long gone by disco halls and open-air cinemas and comprise some of the most common ways of entertainment. On the other hand, the spread use of personal computers that incorporate million capabilities such as the World Wide Web, gave another dimension of what we call interactive entertainment and online gaming. As entertainment has been interlaced with technology, all its forms will evolve into something new. Probably years after, entertainment forms will vary even more and will replace the way we enjoy ourselves nowadays.

By Irini


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