Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hello everyone I'd like to inform you that there is an amazing party upcoming next week at my home planet, Betelgeuse 5. It is a few light years away, a conciderable distance, so the only reasonable way to get there on time is by the D4 Interstellar Spaceship that departs at 574gl (galavtic timing). It is cheap confortable and fast.
Another not so reasonable way is through the sub-dimensional teleporter, its much faster instant actually- but I definately don't suggest it.
Its going to be a great party and I will be pleased to meet you there!
P.S. Book a ticket a couple of days ago to be safe


Blogger teacher dude said...

If I can get off work early and get the late shuttle, I'll be there. Save a chromium beer, for me will you ?

5:28 AM  

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